Residency 1 at Frans Masereel Centrum

From March 30 - April 3, a first group of artists has worked at the Frans Masereel Centrum, under the wings of guest curator Freek Lomme (Onomatopee). 

In preparation for the exhibition 'Can you feel it? - Tactility and/in print' (20.06.2015 - 11.10.2015, coproduction of Z33 and FMC) six visual artists were invited to investigate the tactility of the printmedium, in the graphic workshop of the Frans Masereel Centrum. Ulrike Mohr (DE), Thomas Rentmeister (DE), and Lieven de Boeck (BE) departed from the tactility within their own artistic language, while embedding the qualities of graphic print media. The results, accompanied by existing work and a handbook on the position of tactility in a high-tech capitalistic society, will be presented in Z33 from 20.06.2015 until 11.10.2015.

Photo 1: Research Ulrike Mohr (c) Isabelle Vanhoutte, FMC
Photo 2: Research Thomas Rentmeister (c) Isabelle Vanhoutte, FMC

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