Tranendreef: Tearshapes sculptures hanging in the tree

There is something peculiar about the road that leads to the castle of Hex in Borgloon (Limburg, Belgium). In the trees are hanging these tearshaped forms, that look like the fruits of the tree. But it is not fruit, it is art. The sculptures are treetents by Dré Wapenaar and it is called 'Tranendreef'.

And it is not just art to look at, but also to experience. It really are tents to spend the night in. However the tents are not yet for rent.That won't be possible until next year. Meanwhile you can take a look at Tranendreef in this Flickr slideshow:

Tranendreef by Dre Wapenaar; photo: Kristof Vrancken / Z33

Tranendreef is part of the Z-OUTproject pit, art in open space in Borgloon-Heers.

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