Eric Joris (B)

Eric Joris (B)
17.04.2012 at 20h00

As early as ten years ago, Eric Joris helped to develop immersive theatre, a type of theatre in which the audience is immersed in a virtual reality using advanced technological devices such as video glasses. The images are shot with a camera that takes a 360 degree picture of the environment. This allows viewers to see images that follow their own head movements, making the experience highly realistic. Even ordinary cameras that take 3D pictures are unable to achieve this effect, as they simply capture a specific rectangle from the wider environment, a single frame of reality. Because the viewer is so absorbed in the happenings, Joris prefers to speak of an immersant (one who is immersed) rather than audience.

This approach has far-reaching implications for the theatre that Joris has developed with his ensemble CREW. The immersant is not distanced from the story but instead is part of it, which can be disconcerting even on a purely physical level. The director himself, however, also loses an important instrument of control: he can no longer direct the viewer’s gaze. Further, traditional storytelling methods also make little sense in this context. How such methods can still be incorporated, and how the immersant learns to deal with this virtual world, are just some of the issues that Joris explores in his many, often spectacular pieces. The 3D films in cinemas today don’t come close to this. Joris will present a lecture on his research, followed by a discussion with the curator of Superbodies Pieter T’Jonck.

Photo: Eric Joris

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Eric Joris (B)
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