Luc Derycke (B)

Luc Derycke (B)
15.11.2011 at 21h00

Luc Derycke (1963) trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, and since 1988 has worked as a publisher, editor and designer of books. His focus since 1993 has been on graphic design and the production of art books, including eight years as in-house designer for The Drawing Center in New York. A number of his books have been nominated for and won prizes both in the Netherlands and abroad. According to Derycke, his work is about bringing together ‘all aspects of the development of a book, which includes not only the content and form, but also the institutional context, historicity, relationship with the canon(s), market, budget, technology and materials’. Form, therefore, goes much further than just graphic design. In 2005, the artist founded Studio Luc Derycke and was joined by Thomas Desmet, then later Jeroen Wille, Ellen Debucqoy and Bart Hebben as well. Also in 2005, Derycke clustered his publishing activities in Paper Kunsthalle, a non-profit organisation aiming to investigate the book as a sort of mental exhibition space. Studio Luc Derycke has worked on projects for Walter KoÅNnig Verlag (Cologne), The Henry Moore Institute (Leeds), Gagosion Gallery (New York), the publishers Lannoo and Mercatorfonds, and more.

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Luc Derycke (B)
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