Symposium Sense of Sound

Symposium Sense of Sound
22.05.2014 from 14h00 to 17h00

About the position of sound-art in visual arts.

In the framework of the exhibition Sense of Sound, different national and international curators discuss on the status of sound art within the field of visual arts. The interest in sound art notably increases, but curators and programmers often find it hard to display sound art in either exhibition concepts or infrastructure. Many choices – both artistically and in relation to the presentation-environment – are medium specific. The professional field often does not possess sufficient knowledge with regard to presenting a medium that is as physical as it seems elusive; hence the need for further discussion and expertise on this subject.


14:00 opening Jan Boelen (Artistic Director z33)
14:05 introduction Carsten Seiffarth (5')
14:10 introduction Bernd Schulz (5')
14:15 dialogue between Carsten Seiffarth and Bernd Schulz (20'+ 10' questions)
14:45 presentation Justin Luke (15'+ 10' questions)
15:10 presentation Nicole Gingras (15'+ 10' questions)
—————— break ——————
15:50 presentation Carlo Fossati (15'+ 10' questions)
16:15 presentation + panel discussion moderated by Joost Fonteyne (45')
17:00 informal aftertalks


Carsten Seiffarth (Berlin) curates and produces exhibitions and projects on sound art in an international context. He founded and directed the pioneering sound art gallery Singuhr in Berlin. Seiffarth currently the curator of the urban sound art project Bonn Hören.

Bernd Schulz (Berlin) has been curator of the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken for many years. He has written several monographies on sound artists like Rolf Julius, Christina Kubisch, Akio Suzuki, and other publications on the matter of Klangkunst.

Justin Luke founded Audio Visual Arts (AVA) in 2008. The gallery is based in New York and exhibits emerging and established artists and musicians. While AVA presents a range of work, the core interest is in a more adventurous and conceptual approach to sound. AVA also produces artists editions, participates in international exhibitions and art fairs, and hosts the monthly audio series Exterior Sounds.

Nicole Gingras is a researcher, independent curator and author based in Montreal. She is particularly interested in the image, be it visual, audio or textual. The exhibitions and programs she has curated and the publications under her direction as well as the seminars she has lead, deal with such notions as time, the creative process, the movements of thought, traces and memory. She has collaborated with International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) since 2003.

Carlo Fossati is founder and director of the E/Static sound art gallery in Turin. He curates shows and projects with both pioneering names in the history of sound art as with younger artists.

Joost Fonteyne (Kortrijk) directs Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk. He has been programming Sounding City for many years within this festival and within its predecessor Happy New Ears, an exhibition of sound art both in public space and indoor spaces across the city.

Organised by Overtoon and z33 in collaboration with BAM.
This schedule could be submitted to minor changes.In the framework of the exhibition.


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08.04 to 11.04.2014
workshop for kids
08.04 to 11.04.2014
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