TRADERS Open School - the city could be otherwise

Bij een foto kan je ook steeds credits plaatsen. Links zijn ook mogelijk.

Bij een foto kan je ook steeds credits plaatsen. Links zijn ook mogelijk.


TRADERS Open School is a 10-day academy that brings together art and design thinkers, practitioners and various publics to critically engage in urban processes and discourses through the lenses of agency, participation and public space.

The event is premised on the notion that ‘things can be otherwise’, it acts as a challenge to rethink and conceptualise potential urban futures by way of art and design. To do this, the Open School is structured as an academy, a place for learning. Accepting that knowledge is not only held in the head but being actively constructed in situ and practice, we see the academy as moving from a celebration of genius to a focus on the creation of what Brian Eno termed ‘scenius’, the intelligence that comes from a collective ecology of thinkers.

The structure of the 10 days intertwines practice and theory, established thinkers and students, emergent practices and traditional methods, in what we consider an experiential and cognitive generative dance. 

PERMANENT Activities

Periphery songs (audio tour)
Circumstance / Duncan Speakman
Location (equipment pick-up): Reception Z33

How to understand the City as Performative? (immersive installation)
Location: Z33

Public Dreaming (participatory installation)
Leon Tan & Amanda Newall
Location: Z33

Meso-Utopias (performative inquiry)
Jon Geib
Location: Z33

***The program will be constantly updated***

In the other city….
a…schools will be unnecessary
b…no one will speak of justice
c…there will be no otherness
d…we will be saturated by information
— The programme is structured around these four statements

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