Open Call


Z33, House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture is an international art institute where art, design, architecture and social issues meet. Our exiting program of exhibitions and projects boosts the creative imagination of our visitors and fosters dialogue about social innovation.
All of this takes place in a new building designed by the internationally renowned architect Francesca Torzo.

Many new ideas for exhibitions, projects and exciting collaborations are brewing at Z33. In 2023 we will start a collaboration with the Flemish museums of contemporary art: Every year we will curate one thematic exhibition that will be based on a selection of their collections. As Limburg does not have a museum of contemporary art, this collaboration will create the opportunity for the region to become familiar with the contemporary Flemish cultural heritage.

Bringing together works of art from different museums offers a unique opportunity to shed a new light on the collections of Flemish contemporary art museums. By holding an open call, we want to give guest curators with surprising ideas the opportunity to make a theme-based selection from these collections.



Z33 is looking for a curator for a group exhibition that will constitute of pieces of the collections of M HKA, SMAK, Mu.Zee and Museum M, complemented with new works[1]. The exhibition will be located in the new wing of Z33 and will have the theme ‘The artistic learning environment’.

We are reaching out to individuals as well as teams and collectives who have groundbreaking and innovative ideas about the art gallery as an educational environment in the 21st century that will foster debate and appeal to a wide and diverse audience.



Based on the overarching theme “the artistic learning environment”, the exhibition will offer a contemporary artistic perspective on the art institute as a novel and experimental learning environment with a selection of works from the Flemish contemporary collections as its starting point.

You will develop an exhibition where learning and education through art or within an art institute is the common theme. Possible questions are: How can an art institute serve as a contemporary and experimental learning environment? What teaching methods can be used? What and how can contemporary art contribute to our 21st century skills and knowledge?

Through its projects, Z33 explores today’s society and social developments from different perspectives. We develop critical narratives and have visitors experience reality with different eyes. Often, visitors leave Z33 with more questions than answers.

Moreover, Z33 is an interdisciplinary art house. We prefer proposals that give importance to the dialogue between art and other disciplines (for example design and architecture) and/or forms of interdisciplinary co-creation.

The collections of the art museums are the starting point, with a focus on work of artists working in Flanders. The final selection will be made in corporation with a sounding board consisting of representatives of the Flemish museums. We also offer the opportunity to commission a limited number of new creations that will highlight the exhibition concept and narrative.


Curators, both as an individual and as a team. As an art house that connects contemporary art with design and architecture, Z33 is also open to designers and interdisciplinary teams. Involving outside experts with specific thematic expertise can be of added value. Given the scale of the exhibition (700 m2), it is important that at least one team member has proven experience with curating exhibitions and coordinating complex projects.

The application should include, but not be limited to:

  • Exhibition title (working title)
  • Vision and concise draft proposal (max. 1 A4 text)
  • Motivation letter (max. 1 A4)
  • CV of the curator or curatorial team, references, proven experience with the
    organization of exhibitions (If applicable: an explanation of the team structure,
    including the division of tasks)


  • A large group exhibition in the New Wing of Z33 with the support of the Z33 team (communication, public relations, production
  • Feedback from a content-based sounding board consisting of representatives of M HKA, SMAK, Mu.Zee, Museum M., Middelheim Museum and Z33
  • Support and guidance from the collection managers of the Flemish museums of contemporary art in the preliminary research as well as access to the collections
  • A budget of 15,000 Euro (excl. VAT) for the development and coordination of
    the exhibition
  • A budget of 20,000 Euro (excl. VAT) for the commission of new pieces. This budget includes the production costs of new works (incl. materials, working hours, documentation, transportation and accommodation) as well as artist fees, according to the guidelines of
  • Every three years, a publication will be written reflecting on the different collection approaches within this collaboration with contemporary Flemish art collections and their respective results
  • Public outreach is very important to Z33. The public-relations team develops material for visitors and communication strategies in corporation with the curator

[1] Middelheim Museum Antwerp is also part of the partnership, but will have a temporary loan stop in 2023.

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