Dré Wapenaer

In the landscape, beside the lane heading to the castle of Hex, you will find four tree tents where you can spend the night. The tear-shaped sculptures hang from high trees and provide an alternative form of accommodation to spend the night in Haspengouw. The work of Dré Wapenaar (°1961, the Netherlands) is always situated at the intersection of architecture and sculpture, between a stay and an encounter. His sculptures are primarily tent constructions that are installed temporarily. They invite visitors to occupy them, to stay in them or to shelter beneath them. The social interaction around the work is of great importance to the artist.

Near the tree tents, you will also find Field Furniture “Pure Nature” by the Dutch artist Ardie Van Bommel, a sitting, washing, toilet, and barbecue installation based on the paloxes or fruit crates that you so often see in the Haspengouw landscape.


Castle of Hex (side street of Alfonsstraat)
3840 Bommershoven

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Parking: limited parking at the neighboring farm, forbidden to park in the lane
You can spend the night in a tree tent with 2 adults and 2 (small) children
Price per night: € 70, breakfast € 15 per person.
Reservations via +32 12 67 36 53 or


With cooperation of the Agency for Nature and Forests

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