De Bruycker

Jasmine De Bruycker (BE) is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer of essays for the Parliament of Things in Amsterdam since 2016, and recently for the research studios of Z33, House of Contemporary Art in Hasselt. She also works as a creative strategist and storyteller for Base Design since 2010, a design studio in Brussels, Geneva and New York. In the past, she curated the philosophy programme of Background Educations, gave guest-lectures on science communication at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), made more than 15 documentaries on the stories – highs and lows – behind scientific discoveries for the tv-series OverLeven on Canvas, the arthouse channel of the Belgian National Television (VRT). She was also a videojournalist for the culture site Cobra.be (VRT), where she captured the Belgian art, theatre and literature scene in short video reports. Her background is diverse. Jasmine graduated as a bio-engineer with specialisations in environmental technology (soil and water conservation) and tropical agriculture, followed a Master in Journalism at the Erasmus University College Brussels, and supplementary evening courses in philosophy, graphic design, filming, interviewing techniques, video-editing and storytelling. She currently combines her work with studies in philosophy at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). www.theparliamentofthings.org

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19 December 2019