Oksana Savchuk (°1990) was born in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, now living between Rotterdam and Hasselt. Oksana studied architecture at KU Leuven and urban studies in Malmö University.

Oksana Savchuk, focusing on specific examples, will create a comparative analysis of the current minimum legal size and function of living rooms across Europe. Oksana’s practice, which is already focused on the design and research of social housing, questions if it’s possible to adequately convey the spatial experience of physical space when only represented by conventional architectural language, like maquettes, drawings and plans.

By developing novel ways of communicating space, Oksana seeks to strike a balance between content and delivery. While the ability to blur disciplinary borders often leads to poetic projects, actual buildings have strict boundaries; resulting in realities that when presented to an audience often appear incompatible. Oksana will explore this tension by finding a balance between a mundane architectural routine and its spatial and sensorial representation. During her time with re-FORMAT, she will propagate a discussion on the international and cross-cultural status of minimum legal housing layouts by researching and developing sensitive approaches to the rendering of the ubiquitous, but polymorphous living room.

Mentor: Teis De Greve

Published on

16 October 2020