Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal

Against a backdrop of progress in biosciences and technology, Van Balen and Cohen create critical design objects and installations that meet with and speculate on changing customs, standards and values which could possibly influence our (social) lives in a biological revolutionary era.

Within the Alter Nature project Van Balen and Cohen’s research project and their (general) practice can be thought of as an extensive case study of the design of nature; human or other. Tuur and Revital present a different world, an Alter World. By blowing up and interpreting specific social situations, habits, customs and the manner in which science and technology (can) respond, their work is testimony of a thorough and studied reflection on current society.

Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal is part of Alter Nature, an overarching project by Z33, the Hasselt Fashion Museum and CIAP in collaboration with the MAD-faculty, the University of Hasselt, the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), KULeuven University and bioSCENTer.

29.01 to 05.01.11
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