Artist Talk: Mae-ling Lokko (GH/US) & Sep Verboom (BE)


How can we restore our relationship with the earth? It is a question that occupies both Sep Verboom and Mae-ling Lokko.

In this Artist Talk, we connect the local story of designer and social entrepreneur Sep Verboom with the international story of architectural scientist and designer Mae-ling Lokko. Both share an interest in the search for a just and sustainable production chain.

Sep Verboom
Sep Verboom works through Livable on a research and design platform that gives shape to a future-proof approach between man, the environment and society. Livable works with profit and no-profit organisations to create alternative solutions for our consumer society.

Within the ONTketen project, Livable joins forces with cleantech start-up Circular Matters and social economy company Pro Natura to tackle social problems such as scarce raw materials, climate change or social inequality. By combining natural waste streams with a biopolymer to create a circular material, ONTketen stimulates shorter chains and lower CO2 emissions. With this inclusive pathway, ONTketen wants to initiate a different kind of economy, in which financial, ecological and social goals go hand in hand.

Mae-ling Lokko
Mae-ling Lokko focuses on the reuse of agricultural waste and biomaterials. Grounds for Return brings together her exploration of sustainable and just production chains, with a selection of older and new projects. To return value to the earth, she investigates alternative forms of building and living together. For example, Lokko uses coconut waste and mycelium (fungal thread) to design large-scale gateways and tunnels at Z33. By using recycled natural resources from Ghana, she aims to reduce the further depletion of exhausted land.


19:00: visit to the exhibitions
20:00: Sep Verboom about Livable and ONTketen
20:20: Mae-ling Lokko about Grounds for Return
20:50: conversation between Sep Verboom & Mae-ling Lokko moderated by curator Heleen Van Loon
21:30: time for a drink
22:30: end

This Artist Talk is related to the exhibition Grounds for Return by Mae-ling Lokko, on view from 26 September 2021 to 09 January 2022.

12.10.21, 19:00 to 22:30

You can visit the exhibition from 7 pm
The talk starts at 8 pm
Ends around 10.30 pm
Language: English
Price: entrance to the exhibition, the lecture is included. You pay on arrival.

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+ 26
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Mae-ling Lokko

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