Classroom is an architectural exhibition created in a European collaboration with Garagem Sul (Lissabon) and arc en rêve centre d’architecture (Bordeaux), which reflects on the impact the Covid pandemic had on the learning environment of young people. Pupils were no longer taught in a classroom, but followed online education. Has this changed our view of the classroom space?

The traditional ‘frontal’ classroom has been questioned for decades. Recent developments in digitisation are having a significant impact on the way we learn. This transition requires new types of learning spaces and challenges the traditional organisation of the school. In addition, it is also clear that – even as educational programmes evolve – the existing building stock will be an inescapable part of the educational landscape of the future. Future education will mainly take place in already existing buildings.

The exhibition highlights 2 key questions: what type of learning environment will we need from now on, and how do we adapt existing school buildings to these new requirements?

About the project

The exhibition Classroom is a co-production with arc en rêve centre d’architecture (Bordeaux), Garagem Sul (Lisbon) and Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture (Hasselt). This project is co-funded by the European Union.


arc en rêve centre d’architecture (Bordeaux)
13.10.2022 until 12.02.2023

Garagem Sul (Lisbon)
14.03 until 10.09.2023

Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture
01.10.2023 until 18.02.2024

01.10 to 18.02.24
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