ELEMENTS: Studio Plastique

01.05.2021 – 08.08.2021

What’s the actual role of electricity in our daily lives? How can design reshape our environment? Studio Plastique maps out the challenges concerning electricity by focusing on its distribution infrastructure. The exhibition develops future visions for electric use, generation and distribution, by critically questioning the current scenarios and possibilities.

A network of cables – like veins in a human body – entangle our entire planet. They transport a commodity of unparalleled importance to human civilisation: electricity.

As electricity is an intangible resource of quintessential value, we notice a never-ending global upscaling of this transportation grid. The constant expansion and development of this infrastructure by economic and political powers leads to societal issues of equally huge proportions: blackouts, environmental disasters and social inequalities.

Our era however is characterized by technologic advancements and changing practical needs that actually lead to a point where not bigger, yet smaller quantities and different kinds of electricity are needed to power our daily lives. On a day-to-day basis, we do not need higher voltages, but use devices wired with usb-cables or adaptors to make the supplied energy work.

01.05 to 08.08.21
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