Family tour

I spy with my little eye.

Are you planning a visit to Hasselt and looking to explore the new exhibition This Is Us with your children?
Our family tour will turn you into a true art expert – someone who makes their own choices and lets their thoughts roam freely!
You’ll embark on this journey with your family, collectively exploring the exhibition.

In 6 steps, you will acquire the skills of a genuine art enthusiast. What exactly is an art enthusiast, and how can you become one? That’s entirely up to you to discover. By using your senses and following our step-by-step guide, you’ll explore the This Is Us exhibition.

Visiting a museum is a bit like traveling.
You’ll venture to places and see things you’ve never seen before.
In this space, it’s no different. It’s located in the city, and the city is a part of the bustling, ever-moving world.
Yet, here, it’s quiet. The walls are white, and there’s nothing you must do.
Viewing art is quite simple: you stroll or hop from one piece to another, and you listen to your eyes.
That’s it. Nothing more.

Suitable for children aged 6 and above.

Illustrations by Elise Vandeplancke
Text by Anneleen Stollman

18.10 to 18.02.24

You can request the family tour for free at the reception.

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