20.02.21 - 04.04.21

How can design and architecture encourage critical thinking? That question is the starting point of the new edition of FORMAT. Due to the coronapandemic, the trajectory of the eight laureates was different than usual. FORMAT became re-FORMAT. They had to rethink, rearrange and reformulate everything.

The laureates share the same ambitions for tackling social issues. From everyday racism to social housing to the exhaustion of natural resources: This group of designers and architects designs new ways of engaging the public in urgent issues.

After a long trajectory of coaching, they have finally reached their destination: the group exhibition, in which they present eight new works.

The laureates and their work:

Studiocalh: Colette Aliman (US, 1989) and Lauriane Heim (FR, 1994)

Studiocalh investigates our sonic lives. How are the emotions of the receiver manipulated through sonic cues and triggers? And how do they then impact the way we hear our urban environments?

Heleen Sintobin (BE, 1992)

This project explores how post-digital artisanship can unpack technology from a crafts perspective. Using a 3D ceramic printer it investigates the exacting properties of the machine vs an unpredictable material.

Satomi Minoshima (JP, 1989) and Pauline Agustoni (CH, 1996)

The designer duo explores the traditional craft of dorozome, a Japanese mud-dyeing technique during which white yarns are repeatedly dyed.

Irene Stracuzzi (IT, 1992)

This project studies and visualises the information stored in the frozen ground of the Arctic before it transforms and disappears forever.

Rachel Hansoul (BE, 1994)

The bright colours and playful wax prints demand your attention while messages of structural racism are interlaced between.

Oksana Savchuk (UA, 1990)

Savchuk compares the minimum legal size of living spaces in Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. Her installation makes the experience of these spaces tangible.

Jore Dierckx (BE, 1993)

Dierckx’s digital platform DeepMind encompasses the dreams, nightmares and influences that form the basis of the laureates’ projects. Visit DeepMind here. 

Josh Plough (UK, 1990)

An 8000 word exploration of design, its education, dissemination, past and future. It mixes together threads from interviews with the laureates, LinkedIn Gurus, Google Doc discussions and design theory. Read the full essay here.


FORMAT is the coaching trajectory organized by Z33 for new and promising artists working in design and architecture. Every year, several designers are given the opportunity to enhance their artistic practice and to share knowledge and networks with one another. After a year of intensive coaching, all the designs are brought together in a group exhibition. Time and space are essential components of this learning process, enabling the participants to explore boundaries and unconventional approaches. Z33 is a refuge where free experimentation, learning and failing come together.

Curator: Heleen Van Loon

With the support of the Dutch Embassy in Belgium.


20.02 to 04.04.21