Opening night fall program

Three new exhibitions

On Saturday, October 1, everyone is welcome in Z33 from 20:00. With three brand new exhibitions and many performances, it promises to be a fascinating evening.


The central theme of the evening is our search for identity. How can we, without losing ourselves, become part of a larger entity? That question forms the starting point of the group exhibition Fitting In. Artists and designers show how lavish our context can be, if we are open to the many voices around us.

The exhibition Composite Presence is a search for the identity of the Belgian architectural landscape. Last year, this exhibition adorned the Venice architecture biennale. The presentation by Bovenbouw Architectuur is now coming to Belgium for the first time. In Z33 you walk through a fictional, but recognizable Flemish urban environment. The fifty projects are brought together in a jumble of historical, classical and modern buildings.

Elias Ghekiere works with various media, ranging from painting, drawing and photography to sculptural materials. His visual language is informed by historical archetypes and a stylistic eclecticism. In Z33 he presents his first solo exhibition.


Z33 is a safe space, with room for a three-part performance in which dance, movement and image come together. Directed by theater maker and artist Samuel Valor Reyes, queerness, colors and choreography flourish. You’ll get to see engaging performances by Samuel Valor Reyes & Aurora Mesropyan, Jento Schaf, Amaryllis Beckx and Inci Gül Civelekoglu that feature pole dancing, waacking, hip-hop and contemporary dance. Costumes are designed by Jordy Arthur.


8:00 pm: doors open, musical intro by polyphonic choir Psallentes
8:15 pm: welcome by Artistic Director Adinda Van Gesytelen.
20:20: intro by curators Annelies Thoelen, Branko Popovic, Marnix Rummens, Dirk Somers and Tim Roerig.
8:30 pm: free access to exhibitions
9:45 pm: musical intermezzo by Psallentes
10 pm: end of visit to exhibitions
10 pm: party with dj Timmerman
10:30pm: performances by Samuel Valor Reyes, Aurora Mesropyan, Amaryllis Beckx, Inci Gül Civelokoglu and Jento Schaf
02h: end

Registration is no longer possible. We are sold out!

01.10.22, 20:00 to 02:00

Registration is no longer possible. We are sold out!