06.02.21 - 11.04.21

One of the questions for the next decade is how critical thinking and its practice can amount to more than the clickbait it sometimes ends up as. And to approach this as a challenge goes some way in avoiding the ever-looming label of content provider. We don’t need to fill up the infinite scroll of glossy design blogs. We can break through, with vigour!

This means admitting that there are limits to our actions, to our projects, to our time. We can only go so far alone. Collaboration, as well as integration, can make relevant the hours and hours of atomised research.

Last year’s edition of FORMAT had an almost activist approach, however what this year’s laureates share is the urge to effectively convey their research. re-FORMAT is less about the shared themes, and more about the means: the means of communication, display, accessibility and narration. During the lockdown the laureates debated and wrote about the challenges facing design, its goals, and its representation. That’s why we have now the prefix: re-.

How do we make sense of it, how do we re-FORMAT?

Our graphic designer Jore Dierckx responded to this by building a website called Deepmind that hosts and visualises these tangents of thought. It’s a platform that grows as the laureates explore, query and contextualise their research.

When dissemination is the order of the day, then it’s the fire and ash that ushered us out of one decade while promising to smother the next, that best symbolises our need to be more vigilant with our language, more cooperative, more transparent. Such a statement can seem flippant when people, animals and entire ecosystems are dying. We should be screaming not carefully picking through our dictionaries, shouldn’t we?

But languages (both spoken and visual), shared and inherited experiences, and even our fears are things that can bind us together. This year’s eight laureates through craft, architecture, fashion, re-search, and our physiological capacities will continue the collaborative approach inherent to FORMAT, Z33 and hopefully 2021.

“There’s a delight in being part of something, in seeing ourselves as the beginning, middle and end of a struggle. But a healthy dose of pragmatism is needed to temper this earnestness. What the next ten years will bring is anyone’s guess, but what happens in the coming months will inevitably be part of that chaos.” – Josh Plough re-FORMAT 2020

Introduce Laureates:

Heleen Sintobin, Irene Stracuzzi, Oksana Savchuk, Pauline Agustoni & Satomi Minoshima, Rachel Hansoul and Studiocalh (Lauriane Heim and Colette Aliman)

Graphic Design:               Design Critic: 

Jore Dierckx                      Josh Plough


Heleen Van Loon

06.02 to 11.04.21
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