Toegepast 14

Toegepast 14 puts 5 young designers in the spotlight. Z33 presents their work from 26 September till 13 December.

This year the five selected students include Johan Bruninx (Design Academy Eindhoven), Roos de Krom (PHL – jewellery design), Kaspar Hamacher (ABK Maastricht – design), Tom Lambeens (PHL – graphic design) and Carolien Van den hole (Sint-Lucas Gent – textile design). Designer Bram Boo conducted the design proces and was responsible for the design of the project presentation.

The professional jury consisted of Bie Luyssaert (Design Vlaanderen), Anne-Marie Loos (representative JBC), Klara Desmedt (De Winkelhaak), Leen Creve (Knack), Natascha Rommens (Euregio Platform for Sustainable Design & Living), Katrien Matthys (Laureate of Toegepast 13), Jan Boelen (artistic director Z33), Bram Boo (co-ordinator of Toegepast 14) and Heleen Van Loon (co-ordinator Design Platform Limburg).

Toegepast design coach is Bram Boo.
Bram Boo is an old hand at designing, and is known for his furniture designs. He was also
a conductor during the previous edition of Toegepast.

He does not only advise the laureates, he also works as a jockey on a galloping horse, sometimes steering away, but often standing up straight in the braces, to push the creative minds to new and higher performances. He does this in a gentle and provicient way.

Moreover he will take responsibility for the scenography of the exhibition, together with his own exclusive design, which he developed for the Design Platform Limburg.

26.09 to 13.12.09
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