Murielle Victorine Scherre


If the future isn’t bright, at least it’s colorful

Searching for a heartwarming gift for a rock’n’roll design lover? You’ve come to the right place at Bonnefantenstraat 1.

Music, design and social economy come together in this collaboration between Z33 and 37 graden. Murielle Victorine Scherre and Jan Verstraeten designed a special design piece. The employees of Bewel vzw took care of the production. ‘If the future isn’t bright, at least it’s colorful’ is a surprising take on the icon of American culture, the snuggie.

Each snuggie is unique. They are made of different materials, such as leather, silk or t-shirt fabric. We have only eighteen snuggies in our stock.



T shirt fabric € 295
Sweater fabric € 295
Silk € 395
Leather € 395

The snuggie is only for sale at our reception.

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