Gravitational Waves

Tomás Saraceno

Gravitational Waves is a subtle installation by artist Tomás Saraceno (°1973, Argentina/lives and works in Berlin). His projects are inspired by, among other things, spheres, cloud formations and… spiderwebs. In his work, he observes patters that occur both in the macrostructures of our universe and in the microsystems of nature. To Saraceno, the web is the best metaphor to connect everything that lives and survives. The installation seamlessly matches the surroundings of the Kattevennen and the Cosmodrome, where microcosms and macrocosms meet.


Planetariumweg 18-19
3600 Genk

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Saraceno’s work is to be found in the area of the Kattevennen, in the woods behind the main building. It is easiest to park on the Kattevennen car park and to continue towards the Cosmodrome on foot.


As part of De Unie Hasselt-Genk, initiated by Z33 and Provincie Limburg.

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