Picturesque Sketches: after Léon Becker

Nils Norman

The concrete bridge at the Hoogzij connects the Heem Park with the nature reserve Kattevennen, but also brusquely interrupts this green area. British artist Nils Norman has painted the concrete walls with a collage of pictures that are inspired by the illustrations of the landscape painter and arachnologist Léon Becker (1826-1909). In the 19th century, Becker visited Genk and published a standard work on spiders. Norman’s painting refers to the surrounding nature and the importance of ecological balance. In it likewise a critique of the closing of the Ford factory and its social impact.


Hoogzij 7
3600 Genk

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Permanently open for visit
Hoogzij tunnel under the East Ring, between the Heem Park and Kattevennen


Part of De Unie Hasselt-Genk, initiated by Z33 and Provincie Limburg. Painting executed by Eddie Van Hoef.

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