Singer Ghalia Benali was born in Brussels and is of Tunisian origin. She grew up in an artistic family and was introduced to music and poetry at an early age: French chanson, Egyptian and Indian musicals, melodies from Syria, the Egyptian singer Om Kalthoum, and the sung recitations from the Quran. She formed the group Kafichanta and performed with her project Romeo and Leila (about the impossible love between people from two different cultures) in concerts across Europe, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, etc. Alongside sitar player Bert Cornelis, she founded the group All Palna. Here, Ghalia Benali sings Sufi texts to Indian-inspired music. In 2010, a CD featuring songs by Om Kalthoum was released. Besides being a singer, she is also an actress, appearing in the films Swing by Tony Gatliff and La Saison des hommes by Moufida Tiatli.

Published on

26 March 2024