dallas┬áis an architectural collective born in June 2018 from the meeting of four young architect-builders. It works on projects of various natures and scales – ephemeral or perennial, objects, installations or spaces – questioning the uses, practices and perceptions of space, the city and materials. At a time of over-specialization, dallas aims more for a general practice, enhancing making, action and mixing skills ; a practice between design and construction, between architecture, art and crafts. It is a field of experimentation, a round trip between knowledge and doing, between imaginary and concrete. dallas gives a primordial place to the “chantier” – the french word for both the building site and the building moment -, believing that the soundness of a project is perceived during this stage. dallas aims to be flexible, open, leaving room for a wide spectrum of possibilities and enhancing the unexpected. Its sources of inspiration are multiple, they are drawn from the context, the meetings, the dreams … All of which allow an answer that can only be singular.

Published on

21 December 2021