de Laguarigue

Jean-Luc de Laguarigue (1956, MQ), a martinican photographer, reveals in his work the endless ways for Creoles to reach the world, running below the national borders left by colonization from The French Antilles to Cuba, and from Cayenne to Saint-Lucia. In many aspects, starting from Walker Evans’s images taken from the southern states of the United States, he shows their continuity going from the Caribbean to the South American continent. We can’t dissociate his photos from some geometry of light that structures space following a variety of profound meanings that do not appear in daily life. His art also focuses on practicing on blind parts and locating the essential thing, on which our ordinary scrutiny will not dwell. Black and white will logically be the central elements of his photographic treatment of colour, that won’t tolerate the opposition between beauty on film and digital magic.

Published on

18 August 2021