A School of Schools

100 years after Bauhaus, the design sector as well as the rest of the world have changed immensely, while design education did not. Yet, education has always left space for exceptions, it has been an environment where experiments and new ideas could be researched and tested. The exhibition travels to Belgium, initiated by IKSV and Z33 in collaboration with C-mine where the exhibition will be displayed. From 28th June, more than 100 (inter)national designers will show their work based on the Turkish reality.

A School of Schools

Where do you learn about the impact of design on your daily life? Not only in schools or academic institutes. This conclusion was the starting point of curator Jan Boelen (Z33). The exhibition offers a different view on the school as an institute. It puts the emphasis on what we already know: learning cannot be restricted by a building, by fixed hours or defined interactions. News ideas can emerge from everywhere: from family, friends, neighbours or strangers even. Or from within our own societies and the tools that we developed to move within these societies.
A School of Schools will be presented in the exhibition spaces of C-mine this summer in a new form and with a new scenography, with local interactions and a broad selection of projects that can start a dialogue between design, education and design education.

Participating artists

Amandine David, Camilo Oliveira, Ersin Altın, Burçak Özlüdil, Augustus Wendell, Amy K Hoover,  Kerim Bayer, Nur Horsanalı, Ottonie von Roeder, Studio Makkink & Bey, Studio Folder.
Åbäke & Maki Suzuki, Ana Peñalba, CMP Office, Ebru Kurbak, Farzin Lotfi-Jam en Mark Wasiuta.
Atelier Luma Algae Lab, Demystification Committee, Design Displacement Group, Disarming Design from Palestine, Fahmy Shahin, Human Rights Foundation, Janna Ullrich, João Roxo, Lukas Engelhardt, Mary Ponomareva, Meeus van Dis, N55, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, New South (Maya Nemeta, Meriem Chabani), Sissel Marie Tonn, SO Mimarlık, SulSolSal, Theo Deutinger.
Aslı Çiçek, Bogomir Doringer, Bora Hong, Can Altay, Cansu Cürgen & Avşar Gürpınar, ECAL X MACGUFFIN MAGAZINE, Jamie Allen, Juliette Pépin, Legrand Jäger, Lukas Wegwerth, Noortje van Eekelen, Selim Süme.
EAT ART-collectief, Bakudapan, Carlos Monleón, Chick Strand, Gamze Gündüz, Güher Tan, Tangör Tan, Gökhan Mura, Jenna Sutela, Lifepatch, Pedro Neves Marques, Peter Zin

Curator: Jan Boelen (artistic director Z33), Vera Sacchetti, Nadine Botha
Scenography and exhibition furniture: architect Aslı Çiçek and product designer Lukas Wegwerth

28.06 to 29.09.19

exhibition rooms energy building
C-Mine, Genk