2019, Folkwang Museum, Essen

Acquisition / Körperschaft

William Forsythe

For many years renowned choreographer and artist William Forsythe has been developing choreographic instructions. In ‘Acquisition/Körperschaft’, designed originally for Folkwang Museum, Essen, DE, Forsythe explores the relationship between ideal and commercial values in the art business and the institution of the museum. The classic understanding of museum is based on the idea of collecting, preserving and presenting. Forsythe reverses this relationship and conceives the museum as a place for production and acquisition.

In the new version of this work for the reopening of Z33, Tilman O’Donnell is the guide who receives the audience and presents short choreographed actions by Forsythe. Only by grasping these and the process of making them one’s own are they acquired and thus become the property of the viewers. In addition, visitors can also try out and experience text instructions by Willian Forsythe at another place in the Museum. With ‘Acquisition/Körperschaft’, Forsythe allows a broad audience not only to get involved in his choreographic cosmos as a recipient and observer, but also makes these participants stakeholders, accomplices and ambassadors of his work.

After the second week, ‘Acquisition/Körpershaft’ will be replaced by ‘Unsustainables 2’.

14.03 to 15.03.20

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14:00 - 18:00

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