les gens d'Uterpan. Anthropométrie. © Edoardo Montaccini


les gens d'Uterpan

At each occurrence, the visitors are notified of the activation of Anthropometry by the presence of a text “Several people infiltrate the flow of visitors and the museum spaces, anticipating and producing their movement and pauses, in a simple response to the architectural characteristics of the space and the design of the exhibition layout.”, written by hand on one of the exhibition walls.

Anthropométrie is continuously activated during the opening days and on the entire period of the exhibition.

Conception by Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet, with participation of Julien Josse, Stève Paulet and David Zagari.

14.03 to 15.03.20

14:00 - 18:00

14:00 - 18:00