Geoffrey Brusatto – Ways of Folding. Reconstructing the printed book

The discussion about the future of the printed book is a current topic. How can the analog book relate to digital information carriers? Is the present-day design of paper books still relevant? In his artistic research, graphic designer Geoffrey Brusatto rethinks the traditional printed book. By means of a unique methodology, he de- and reconstructs the paper book to develop new visual and content structures. The fold plays an important role. Brusatto developed folding schemes that shape new book structures and page combinations. These schemes are interpreted as an open source tool so other designers can actively use them. In the context of the exhibition, a selection of artists and graphic designers were invited to use the folding schemes as a manual for their own creations.

With the exhibition ‘Ways of Folding’, Z33 welcomes the first public presentation of the doctoral research in the arts of graphic designer Geoffrey Brusatto. This doctoral project is situated within PXL-MAD-Research, in collaboration with UHasselt and KULeuven. As a house for contemporary art, Z33 aims to act as a unique laboratory and a meeting point that brings together experiment and innovation. The combination of showing and supporting research in the arts becomes an interesting case study.

Geoffrey Brusatto (1979) studied graphic design at the Provinciale Hogeschool Hasselt. He worked as a graphic designer for several cultural institutions, including Z33, and founded his own graphic design agency BRUSATTO. He is a lecturer at PXL-MAD in Hasselt and KASK School of Arts Ghent.

‘Ways of Folding’ and the simultaneous exhibition ‘Can you feel it? – Tactility and/in print’ by curator Freek Lomme (Onomatopee), share an artistic consciousness about the process of dematerialization in a digital society and a standardized manufacturing industry. Traditional analog media relate more and more to new digital media, and adapt to the changing ways to deal with information and material. New forms of the printed book and the repositioning of tactility in graphic and contemporary art, illustrate this.

Participating artists:
Lieven De Boeck (BE), Thomas Desmet (BE), architecten de vylder vinck taillieu (BE), Bert Hornikx (BE), Tom Lambeens (BE), Jelle Martens (BE), Julie Peeters (BE), Karen Vermeren (BE)
Supported by:
UHasselt, PXL-MAD, KULeuven, FRAME

Opening 19.06.2015
Location: Z33
18u30: welcome
- introduction by Jan Boelen (artistic director Z33)
19u-22u: exhibition open for public and reception
- Ways of Folding.
- Can you feel it?

Award Ceremony ‘Wanatoeprijzen’
This evening the winners of the ‘Wanatoeprijzen’ will be announced. The awards for young artistic talent are granted by Het Belang van Limburg during the opening of EXIT/15, the graduation show of the master departments of Architecture and Interior Architecture (UHasselt), Audio Visual Arts, Photography and Product Design (LUCA) and Visual Arts (Hogeschool PXL).

Location: Herkenrodekazerne, Maastrichterstraat 100, Hasselt
19u: Doors open
20u: Opening and Award Ceremony ‘Wanatoeprijzen’
20u30-22u:  EXIT/15 open for public
22u-02u: Party
Photo: (c) Kristof Vrancken

20.06 to 10.11.15
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