Lucy McKenzie

Z33 presents the first large institutional solo exhibition in Belgium of Scottish artist Lucy McKenzie, who has been based in Brussels since 2006.

She will exhibit in the new exhibition wing Vleugel 19, designed by Francesca Torzo and conceived as a microcosm of the city. McKenzie will respond to the building’s distinctive architectural volumes with a series of scenes that echo public and semi-public spaces ‒ including a shopping street, a train station and a fairground ‒ as well as focusing on domestic space. The exhibition will feature several major new commissions, including works inspired by the mid- to late-19th-century craze for moving panoramas – a progenitor to cinema and immersive entertainment of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Lucy McKenzie works in the expanded field of artistic practice: she incorporates sculpture, painting, design, fashion and architecture into her work and exhibitions. Throughout her career,  McKenzie has investigated how the medium of painting operates within the broad spectrum of visual communication. By skillfully applying it to figures and objects, and using it as a monumental backdrop akin to both political murals and commercial advertising, she examines the functions and frictions of these different genres.

Curator: Tim Roerig 

29.09 to 23.02.25
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