'Show Your Stripes' project van Professor Ed Hawkins, Universiteit Reading

Show your stripes

Drawing Days

Participate in a gigantic drawing to reflect on global warming. Meanwhile there is time to talk and experts join you at the table. The drawing will grow for three days. Afterwards you can visit the exhibition in which artists and designers depict climate change and look for ways to restore the relationship between man and the earth. #showyourstripes

The image at the top is a visual representation of temperature change in Belgium over the past 100+ years. Each stripe represents the average temperature over a year. In recent years, the stripes have been changing color from mostly blue to mostly red, illustrating the increase in average temperature. This action ties in with our exhibitions In the Eye of the Storm & Grounds for Return.

The drawing festival Drawing Days is taking Hasselt by storm! For three days, this pearl of Limburg will be the drawing capital of the country. Bump into drawings, grab a pencil and enjoy the three-day drawing event. Young or old, beginner or drawing fanatic: you will certainly find something for you in the program of workshops, expos, walks and everything in between. Map out your perfect weekend. Or meet the organization of Kunstwerkt in the festival center and they will whisper some tips to you! #drawingdays21
Discover all activities on: drawingdays.be

01.10 to 03.10.21

No reservation required
Sign up at the reception desk upon arrival. The drawing three-day event will take place in our entrance hall.