Studio Techno Geographies

Studio Technogeographies

Studio Technogeographies explores the world of design and technology and its connections to the global systems that shape our lives. The studio delves into the resources we extract to the products we use, bringing these complex ideas to the forefront of bachelor design education at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Throughout history, new technologies have reshaped the way we live, impacting everything from our homes to global politics. The studio sees itself as a theoretical and practical laboratory, placing design and designers as active agents for shaping the future to come.

Studio Technogeographies is a BA program of Design Academy Eindhoven, founded in 2021. This exhibition brings together design actions developed during the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024. Under the theme of industry the students explored a variety of observations, ranging from our bodies to softwares, from resource transformations to systems of control.

With thanks to: Design Academy Eindhoven, Sibelco Maasmechelen and the tutors involved in the pedagogical framework.

02.02 to 18.02.24
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