Logbook Z33

This book is looking back at the year 2011. We kicked off the year with Alter Nature (Alter Nature: We Can & Alter Nature: The Unnatural Animal), in which we investigated how man (can) alter nature and how this changes our perspective on the world. Next, Kris Verdonck illustrated the confusion and alienation of man in his environment, and in Architecture of Fear we witnessed how ‘fear’ shapes the world in which we live. It is clear that the year 2011 in Z33 revolved around how man moulds his physical surroundings, based on the questions, doubts and fears he is confronted with.

The artists in the exhibitions pose questions and suggest alternatives that often precede or are situated in side tracks of the known mainstream discourse. With their work the artists are bursting our tunnel vision, allowing us to look at things differently. Art really can change the world.

The first part of the book is photographer Kristof Vrancken‘s non-linear overview of this time segment. The second part of the log presents a different perspective, that of Régine Débatty – blogster, curator and critic. Immersed in the world of contemporary art and design, she has a special interest for artists and projects on the intersection of art, science and society. An ideal match, indeed.

Logbook Z33
text Régine Débatty
photography Kristof Vrancken
design Niek Kosten
publisher Jan Boelen / Z33
co-publisher MER. Paper Kunsthalle
year 2012
194 pages
English version
isbn 9789490693503
Dutch version
isbn 9789490693497
price € 20,00

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