Ioana Lupascu (1989, RO) is a multifaceted designer interested the body as material in organised space and emergent play as intimacy enabler. Ioana’s Masters in Architecture thesis, ‘The concept of Limit. Waterfront Revitalisation in Post-Industrial Cities’ explored the spatial and theoretical framework of the limit as a transitory space. Her practice over the years lived at the intersection of graphic from, the poetics of space and methods of production.

In London she worked as a senior designer with Walala Studio, exhibition designer with London Design Fair and Praline; and developed a series of compostable jewellery (Wasted Joules) to talk about alternative economies. Her fondness for visual compositions and colour is highlighted by her film photography focused on particularities of the urban mundane. Ioana’s creative movement practice compliments her mixed-media work exploring the role of abstractions in mirroring emotional states.

Ioana is an independent trainee at ‘European School for Urban Games: Trust in Play’ Amsterdam branch, member of Time Window Collective and a future DAI alumni pursuing a second masters in Art Praxis. Unbounded by a medium, Ioana pursues a trans-disciplinary approach that enriches all facets of her practice.

Published on

22 December 2021