Nr. 16 Studio Job

This summer, Z33 will be the first to present an extensive exhibition entirely devoted to designer duo Studio Job. With this project, Z33 is continuing its journey in the borderlands between visual art and design. Job Smeets (1970, Hamont-Achel) and Nynke Tynagel (1977, Bergeijk), who make up Studio Job, see themselves as designers by virtue of their study at the Design Academy Eindhoven, but they prefer the freedom of the arts above the restrictions of mass production. The exhibition, that is simply called No. 16 STUDIO JOB, focuses on the artistic projects: unique articles and pieces in limited editions, both recent work and new projects.

As well as an overview of existing artistic projects, there will be new objects to see, including:  ‘Homework’: a series of disproportionate bronze utensils; ‘Gold Biscuit’: a gold covered version of the porcelain service for Royal Tichelaar; the ‘Bisazza’ series, ‘Silverware’: sculptures, furniture and enlarged utensils set with white gold mosaic tiles manufactured by Bisazza. 
Studio Job, will also create a new work especially for the exhibition in Z33.

That the border area between actual art and design has become this duo’s habitat, can be seen if one takes a random look at their impressive record.   
Their clients include Bisazza, Royal Tichelaar Makkum and Swarovski.
Their work has also often appeared on the catwalk with a creation for Swarovski and via their collaborations with fashion designers Viktor & Rolf.

07.01 to 10.07.07
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