Safety Instructions

les gens d'Uterpan

Safety instructions consists in standing visible, silent and quite on the rooftop of the building that welcomes the procedure, for a minimum of one hour. It is delegated to visitors who agree to comply with the necessary conditions and instructions required.

As places open to the public undergo economic and legal changes, the imposition of increasingly strict safety ratings, patterns and rules influences the artist’s production and the shaping of his work in the context of an art venue. This standardization also conditions the mindset and experience of the visitor who now becomes a part of the work through the relationship he/she is permitted and lead to enter into with it. Safety instructions deals with this aspect through the differentiated statues of artist and visitor within art-institutions or exhibitions.

Safety Instructions is activated during the opening days.

Conception: Franck Apertet

14.03 to 15.03.20

14:00 - 18:00
21:00 - 23:00

14:00 -18:00

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