Benjamin Verdonck

Art on the Meuse

With Art on the Meuse, Z33 and RLKM bring art to the Limburg Meuse valley. Artist Benjamin Verdonck created a work that is exhibited at various places along the Meuse. After earlier passages in Boyen and Elen, his work will be on display from 29.06 in Oud-Rekem.


Small gestures with great impact

Benjamin Verdonck explores the Maas valley while walking. Along the way, he collects objects that tell him something about the area, from stones and seeds to plastic packaging and lost jewellery. He treats these everyday objects like relics, which he presents in a unique way in various chapels in the Maas valley. In this way, they grow into extraordinary reflections on the relationship between man and nature.

New walks, new collections

Meanwhile, the collection of finds grows during new walks in the Meuse valley. From 29.06 onwards, he is exhibiting his work in the St Peter’s Museum Church in Oud-Rekem. With its rich history, this church is the perfect place to house contemporary art.

Practical info

The Museum Church is open every day from 13:00-17:00
Parking within a radius of 100 m

Address: Groenplaats 4, 3621 Lanaken

29.06 to 11.09.22