Currents #10: Choose Your Own Story

On view in Marres, Maastricht

The anniversary edition of the annual group exhibition Currents will open on 18 December 2022. An annually changing team of young curators will compile the exhibition, which showcases work by recent graduates from academies in Belgium, Germany and the southern Netherlands. Marres started this Euregional talent project in 2013, which not only offers participants a stage, but also a broader training- and network program that actively contributes to the professionalization of young artists and curators.

In 2018, Marres welcomed Z33, House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, in Hasselt (BE) as a co-producing partner and Jester as partner. Since then, Marres and Z33 annually alternate as organizing party. So far, 140 artists from twelve academies in the Euregion have participated in the program and many more young artists have beneted from workshops, fund days, and activities. Putting together Currents has also given the careers of 25 young curators a major boost.


This year, the selected team of curators consists of three curators, based in Brussels: Déborah Claire, Erell Hemmer and Zeynep Kubat. Claire and Hemmer, founders of Dis Mon Nom, are both photographers and curators. Hemmer is also a graphic designer. Dis Mon Nom is a nomadic curatorial platform, residence, and public forum for little-heard voices in photography, activism, and art. The third curator is Zeynep Kubat. She is an art historian, and works as an independent curator, writer, and editor for various art magazines.


When it seems impossible to build an environment that can nurture our basic needs and social communities, we tend to do the opposite: adapt the layers with which we continuously construct our identities. The at times hyperreal expectations of society can catch up with us and turn any lived experience into a staged reality. Somewhere between fiction and reality, individual and community, public and private, the artists from this exhibition flip the script and set the stage for their own narratives. From their different viewpoints, they each show us how they experience the world.

We often learn that there is always only one right answer for each situation. But there is more than one answer to anything. Different routes offer different outcomes within the same story. You are invited to simply wander around, or to choose the next step to take through the storylines presented. Discover a new generation of artists by choosing your own path to navigate this plotted field in Marres.


The selection of recent graduates includes Anna De Sutter, Johann Husser, Haevan Lee, Michal Luft, Luna Mahoux, Camille Poitevin, Loïs Soleil, Brahim Tall, Luca Tichelman, Tara-Eva Kuijpers Wentink, and Loran van de Wier.

18.12 to 05.02.23