Elias Ghekiere

Fluid Grammars

Elias Ghekiere (b. 1991, Hasselt) is an artist who does not limit himself to a single style or medium. The exhibition title Fluid Grammars refers primarily to his deployment of the visual languages of different genres, cultures and periods. Through this approach he explores the hidden links in art history. Originally trained as a painter, Ghekiere examines the interface between painting and other media. For instance, he derives the motif for a painting from a Japanese woodcut or emphasizes the painterly qualities of a sculpture. By referring in his work to underappreciated arts, such as ornament and craft, he calls artistic hierarchies into question. Z33 presents Ghekiere’s first solo exhibition in collaboration with Kunstenwerkplaats VONK.

Curator: Tim Roerig

02.10 to 08.01.23
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