Healing Water

Healing Water starts from our hectic existence, the post-religious environment and the performance society. In this context, many of us seek for mental peace and sense making. We are in search of meaning and a deeper connection to the elements. Water can take up a significant role here. The designers and artists in this exhibition use the remarkable properties of water for designing new rituals, installations for stillness and objects for sense giving. Water still occupies an important symbolic position in our cultures. The healing powers of water are a recognizable and effective proven means of many ritual and therapeutic practices around the globe. With the growing water scarcity, we are not only losing a vital lifeguard resource, but also an element to bring us ease, mental health and calm.

Artists and designers: Elizabeth Ogilvie (UK), Juul Hagemeier (NL), Katharina Sook Wilting (KR/DE), Moon Seop Seo (KR/NL), Nanno Simonis (NL), Pepe Valenti (SP/NL), Sep Verboom (BE), Thibeau Scarcériaux (BE), Valentine Maurice (FR/NL). 

Curator: Annelies Thoelen

With thanks to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium and the Amarte Fund.

02.04 to 20.08.23
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Healing Water

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