In the houses of the Beguinage (not the rooms of the museum), Z33 is creating an exhibition circuit on the relationship between fine and applied art, as part of Super! Hasselt’s first contemporary visual arts, fashion and design triennial.

The fact that a not insignificant part of the beguines’ income derived from industrial activities is a happy coincidence (because it fits in perfectly with this use of the Beguinage). The Beguines created craftwork which they then sold. They developed independent economic activity to provide for their maintenance. In many cases the work was weaving and all manner of clothes-making. But their ‘enclosed gardens’ were also true installation art before the term was coined. So in their wake there must be a place for installations in the new Beguinage, Z33.

The abolition of the division between art and applied art is therefore a good principle for the Beguinage in Hasselt. It is high time that the strict boundary between art and artistic crafts was removed, and especially the aversion to crafts in the art world.

The close relationship between man and thing, in all the possible means of expression used by artists and designers, is the main theme of No. 11 ON PEOPLE AND THINGS.

In No. 11 ON PEOPLE AND THINGS, Z33 is approaching ‘crossovers’, the main theme of the triennale, in its own way.

In the houses of the Beguinage, international artists and designers will be expressing their relationship with the object.
The curators of the exhibition are Koos Flinterman (NL) and Jan Boelen (B).
They have selected the following artists and designers to take part in the exhibition: Giovanni Amandini (I), Karin Arink (NL), Aldo Bakker (NL), Douwe Jan Bakker (NL), Jurgen Bey (NL), Merijn Bolink (NL), Andrea Branzi (I), William Cobbing (UK), Christophe Coppens (B), Catharina van Eetvelde (B), Tracey Emin (UK), Mark van der Gronden (NL), Voebe De Gruyter (B), Cecile van der Heiden (NL), Rini Hurkmans (NL), Richard Hutten (NL), Hella Jongerius (NL), Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven (B), Fransje Killaars (NL), Krijn de Koning (NL), Joris Laarman (NL), Suska Mackert (D), Cathelijne Montens (NL), Lucy Orta (UK), Ravage (F), Guy Rombouts (B), Maria Roosen (NL), Marc Ruygrok (NL), Han Schuil (NL), Raf Simons (B), Kate Street (UK), Studio Job (B), Jeroen Verhoeven (NL), André Verroken (B), Carel Visser (NL), Martin Visser en Joke van der Heijden (NL), Luc Vleugels (B), Marina Yee (B).

Lucy Orta and the Beguinage houses, her call for social intercourse, the clothing by Raf Simons, the 17th-century architecture of the Beguinage and the installation by Krijn de Koning … They cross-fertilise the past with the present, and traditionally-made objects with fleeting mental images.
In the same way, the artists will create new settings for No. 11 ON PEOPLE AND THINGS in the old infrastructure of the Beguinage.
Z33 will be organising various additional activities such as talks, debates, workshops, guided tours and so on, on the themes covered by No. 11 ON PEOPLE AND THINGS.
On you will find more info on Super!, the triennial.

09.10 to 15.01.06
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