No. 8 Living In Motion

LIVING IN MOTION, a travelling exhibition by the Vitra Design museum (Weil am Rhein, Germany), shows different mobile and flexible dwellings through out time.

From a historical point of view, the earth’s civilizations or tribes have typically been distinguished as either nomads or settlers. This distinction appears to be deeply rooted in our way of thinking. Thus we do not regard huts, tents, igloos, etc. as architecture; similarly, we do not consider baskets, hammocks, or pillows to be furniture. However, a nomadic or stationary lifestyle is never mutually exclusive; every nomad settles in a certain place form time to time, and every setller will move at some point in his or her life. As a result, both types of lifestyles have influenced and enriched each other during the course of history. What can nomadic cultures and traditions mean for us today?

Flexibele dwellings have the potential to play an important role in contemporary life. The thoughts and actions of our society are increasingly influenced by global connections, resulting in new dimensions of mobility and complexity. In some areas – such as telecommunications, natural sciences and transportation – thes–changes are occurring very rapidly. In fact, these areas are the actual catalysts for such developments. In contrast, changes in architecture and interior design follow at a slower pace. Dwellings tend to be involved, costly and long-term investments, which reflect the slower responsiveness of the real estate market.

28.11 to 13.02.05
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