Selma Gurbuz

Nocturne 09 February

Artist Talk, Tea time and performance Orlando

Every second Thursday of the month, Z33 opens its doors. You can visit all exhibitions for free from 6pm, and we also provide a variety of activities each month. In February, we plan the nocturne entirely around the exhibition Fitting In, and the theme of identity.

1. Artist Talk: Marwan Bassiouni and Nazanin Fakoor, moderated by curator Annelies Thoelen

Both Marwan Bassiouni and Nazanin Fakoor are at the centre of the exhibition Fitting In. The two artists immerse visitors in the many layers of our identity. They will have the opportunity to present their artistic work in depth during this nocturne. Afterwards, curator Annelies Thoelen will talk to both of them.

Nazanin Fakoor is a Brussels-based visual artist and director with Iranian roots. Her visual installations and performances are worlds that the viewer can enter and influence. In Fitting In, she shows the installation Rainbow, which critically examines the interplay between concealing and revealing the female body.

With his New Dutch Views, Marwan Bassiouni suggests a different image of the Muslim religion within Western society. The large-scale photographs document the Dutch landscape seen from behind the windows of mosques. In the images, a hybrid world emerges. They suggest the presence of unique and local Western Islamic culture and identity.

The lecture starts at 7pm and is in English. This activity costs 10 euros if you are over 26, for – 26-year-olds there is a discounted rate of 5 euros. Registration is mandatory, using the form below. The exhibitions are free to visit that evening.

2. Tea ceremony performance by Mona Steinhauser  [SOLD OUT]

How quickly can you build a relationship with someone unknown and what identity do you choose? Mona Steinhaeusser invites visitors to her tent in Camping Multitude for a free tea ritual and an intimate conversation. A fleeting alternative reality where you set the rules yourself.

This activity is sold out. Registration is no longer available

3. Performance Orlando – Toneelacademie Maastricht

Orlando is an artistic research project based on Virgina Woolf’s novel Orlando. The project links a number of students from the Maastricht Drama Academy to the content of Fitting In.

Orlando describes the life of a poet whose gender changes from male to female and who lives for centuries. A beautiful, poetic look at gender, identity, poetry, time, love and life. Students reflect on themes of gender, feminism, transformation and identity, building an additional chapter to the book. What would Orlando do in today’s society? What commitment would Orlando make and in what context?

Throughout the evening, there are a number of free short individual performances (personal artistic reflections) throughout the building that are visual and theatrical translations of the new ‘chapter’ for Orlando.

Students: Varenka Theunynck, Sasha Kurensky, Yorviq Macaay, Stefan Droger, Beaudine Dermine, Kato Cornil

Supervision: Branko Popovic (FASHIONCLASH, co-curator Fitting In) and Joost Horward (Toneelacademie)

09.02.23, 18:00 to 22:30

Practical info:

18:00 expo & bar open
18:10-20:55 4x Tea Ceremony Mona Steinhauser
18:00-19:00 Continuous performance Orlando, pt 1
19:00-20:30 Artist Marwan Bassiouni and Nazanin Fakoor (payable, register using form below)
19:30 Start DJ
20:00-21:30 Continuous performance Orlando, pt 2
21:00 last people to enter exhibition
22:30 bar closes