River of Rebirth

Rivers have traditionally been a source of stories. The never-ending flow of water symbolises infinity as well as impermanence. Gods travel via rivers between earth and the underworld, and the water cleanses the soul for rebirth. Such ideas and myths are found in cultures all over the world. Like rivers, they do not have a single origin. They spring from different sources, intertwine and branch out, and yet they flow uninterrupted from the past into the present. The artists in River of Rebirth draw inspiration from the many stories about water. They explore the multifaceted meanings of water as a cultural source.

Artists: Martin Belou, Thierry De Cordier, Mary Beth Edelson, Maika Garnica, Roni Horn, Lennart Lahuis, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Michèle Matyn, Aimée Parrott, Laure Prouvost, Jennifer Tee, Benjamin Verdonck, Cecilia Vicuña, Jessica Warboys, Mickey Yang, Jongsuk Yoon, Zhang Xu Zhan

Curator: Tim Roerig

This exhibition is also open on sunday August 27th.

02.04 to 27.08.23
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River of Rebirth

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