2nd Triennial of contemporary art, fashion and design – HASSELT
In spring of 2009 Hasselt will once again be the epicentre for the second triennial edition.
The reference to the ’story’ is the structural element within the entire venture. This theme anticipates on the use of story-telling and documentary elements such is currently depicted within art, fashion and design.
This edition deals with the contemporary art, fashion and design, each from their own context but the different disciplines are, however, presented in relation to each other. With this SuperStories show how the current developments are taking shape within the separate disciplines.

The programme is international in set-up and consists of a range of fascinating exhibitions linked to performing arts and an extensive educational programme, which are all in line with the set theme and problems.

The stage for the triennial is the city itself, formed by a route along the different municipal and provincial culture-houses. These houses are Cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Modemuseum, Nationaal Jenevermuseum, arts centre Z33 and art centre Kunstencentrum België.

The activities and exhibitions thematically dovetail the functional interpretation of the respective institutions. All this results in a dynamic project which does not limit itself to the presentation of work from different professional disciplines, but involves national and international artists and (fashion) designers actively in the event.

Project with financial support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap (Flemish Community), the city of Hasselt and the province of Limburg.
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02.07 to 05.10.09