The Time of Work

In The Time of Work, a group of artists will guide the visitor’s gaze around the building. The artistic interventions will enhance, challenge and question the architecture and what it has to offer. The inauguration of a new building is the first and only time it can be explored in all its many facets as a pure architectural object. Its walls do not yet hold a history. Expectations can therefore be very high, especially for an art space. What possibilities does it have in store for us? It is not simply a case of mere square feet. An art gallery, after all, is no warehouse. Walls, with windows and doors in them, as well as floors and ceilings, all determine how these square feet will ‘work’. They create a hierarchy that allows or hinders things, that reveals and conceals them. None of these works can come to life without the active involvement of visitors. An art space can only flourish by the grace of the commitment, the ‘performance’ of its visitors. They breathe life into it. Welcome.

Curator Pieter T’Jonck
Artists Anton Parys, Benjamin Verdonck, Christoph De Boeck,  Francesca Torzo, les gens d’Uterpan, Lodie Kardouss, Lotte Van den Audenaeren, Noé Soulier, Radouan Mriziga and William Forsythe.

Special thanks to Asli Cicek and Lukas Wegwerth. 

21.05 to 30.08.20

1 ticket for 2 exhibitions
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+ 26 yrs € 8
UiTPAS, person with disability and their attendant € 4
- 26 yrs, ICOM, Museumpass, teachers card € 0
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