Touching the Earth and the Sky

Touching the earth and the sky is an exhibition of Ronny Delrue where he not only shows drawings and paintings but also sculptures and landscapes. These reflect his themes even better and are a result of several working periodes in the EKWC and the FLACC.
Touching the Earth and the Sky not only shows paintings and drawings from Ronny Delrue, but also exhibits the sculptural talents of this artist in (mind-)sculptures and landscapes.

Delrue exposes and warns against the pollution of the landscape and the mind, which he relates to a dream of purity. These issues are the main theme throughout his works and in this exhibition as well. Initially, the subject matter was expressed through drawings and paintings. His drawings were and remain of utmost importance; they represent records of Delrue’s thoughts, and constitute his laboratory and preliminary studies.

In recent years, Delrue has explored new media in order to complement and strengthen his subject matter. Through this research process and his residencies at the European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC) and FLACC, he has developed his sculptures and landscapes in terra cotta and raw clay which presently form the core of the ‘Touching the earth and the sky’ exhibition. Various models were developed during the working stages, which were fine-tuned together with architects Stéphane Beel and Wim Goes during the combined residency at EKWC.

This exhibition consists of sketches and drawings which depict the artist’s thought process and can be seen as a time line running through the layout of this show. Video works, sculptures, and landscapes are however presented in reverse order: the video is the most recent work, and the more recent sculptures are shown first. This set-up and definitive presentation is the result of a final on-site work stage at Z33, of which his studio bears

26.10 to 02.08.09
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