Opening talk Konstantin Grcic-Panorama

Prior to the opening on March 21, 2014, of the exhibition Konstantin Grcic: Panorama (coproduced by Z33 and the Vitra Design Museum), the Vitra Design Museum hosted an opening talk in Zaha Hadid’s Fire Station on the Vitra Campus. Konstantin Grcic talks about his work with Mateo Kries (Director, Vitra Design Museum), and Jan Boelen (Artistic Director, Z33 ). They discuss inspiration and innovation, the challenges of contemporary design, and the social and technological utopias that could shape the world of tomorrow.

This registration was made by Vernissage TV : Watch here

The exhibition Konstantin Grcic – Panorama will also be on show at Z33 from 08.02 – 24.05.2015.


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