Limburg native Gert-Jan Dreessen is a young drummer to keep in mind. He has already made a name for himself through various projects with international artists such as Joshua Redman, Jakob Bro, and Logan Richardson. In 2019, he received scholarships to pursue his dream in the epicenter of jazz in New York City. In addition to his studies at The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, he had the opportunity to collaborate with Cooper Grodin (Phantom of the Opera), Matthew Corozine, Max Light, Kris Monson, Tomer Cohen, Pablo Menares, Idan Morim, and Laurent David. In 2020, Gert-Jan returned to Belgium and quickly became a prominent “voice” in the European jazz scene.

Gert-Jan is known for his interest in both traditional and contemporary jazz music, classical music, electronics, and odd time signatures. However, his openness to other genres and styles of music ensures that he continues to evolve. Recently, he formed his own quartet with all-star musicians Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Bram De Looze, and Cyrille Obermüller.

Gert-Jan and his trio captivate attention with their music. Their music demonstrates a strong interest in romantic melodies and rhythmic twists. The trio is incredibly communicative, leading the audience to spontaneously engage in deep listening. Last year, Gert-Jan joined the faculty of the Luca School of Arts (Lemmensinstituut), where he teaches jazz drums and rhythm classes. As a newly minted twenty-something, he garnered a lot of attention on the classical radio station KLARA.

Published on

28 March 2024