Installation view of Leaps of Faith at Z33, Hasselt. From left to right: Edith Dekyndt, White Gold on Pink Blanket, Underground “Bas du Roé”, Silver Leaves on Pink Blanket, 2019. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Greta Meert. Photo: Selma Gurbuz.

Call to Prayer with Ghalia Benali & Romina Lischka

Indian raga’s and Arabian melodies resound in Z33 on Sunday, May 5th. A concert featuring Romina Lischka & Ghalia Benali, entirely dedicated to the exhibition Leaps of Faith.

What if two cultures evoke a prayer? During this concert, Indic raga’s and Arabian melodies connect two worlds. Improvisation takes center stage in Indian music, with the raga serving as a framework for the musician. Romina Lischka presents poetic verses in the oldest vocal style of India, namely Dhrupad. Ghalia Benali merges her classical Arabian background with her openness to other styles.

Ghalia Benali – Arabian vocals

Romina Lischka – viola da gamba & Indic Dhrupad

05.05.24, 11:00 to 12u30


€ 15,00
reduction -26: € 7,50
50% reduction on a visit to the exhibitions on the same day